What Is a Box Blind?

Updated By HuntBlind Experts on May 20, 2021

More and more deer hunters and hunting from a box blind today more than ever before, and there’s a good reason for why.

Box Blinds allow hunters to hunt more safely and comfortably than a tree stand or a ground blind. Plus hunters can get away with a lot more movement in a box blind than up in a tree.

Box blinds are often referred to as elevated hunting blinds. This is because they are freestanding hunting blind elevated up of the ground.

More commonly Box blinds are built with a sturdy wood frame material with lots of insulation, so it is nice are warm during a long sit in cold weather.

The blinds are built to last you many seasons and come in all materials. From moulded plastic to fibreglass pine. However, I prefer lightweight aluminium, which is durable and is going to last you a long time.

They are designed with a sloped roof to allow water to not settle during a wet hunt.

Box blinds are often a big investment and a serious upgrade from a tree or ground blind. However, unlike a tree or ground blind, box blinds are not easy to transport and move. The large structure requires being built on-site or delivered to a hunting location via truck.

Make sure you choose the right placement for your box blind as you will not want to be moving this blind around.

If your looking to purchase a box blind make sure if you like to hunt with a buddy or two, choose one that has plenty of room for you and all your gear.