Box Blind Placement

Updated By HuntBlind Experts on May 20, 2021

Box and Tower Blind placement is the same as any hunting blind placement. However, you are going to be elevated in the air. Here are my top tips on everything you should consider when setting up your box/tower blind.

Factors to Consider

Cover –Best to place the blind in and amongst trees as the ground will be dryer from leaves coverage therefore less likely to sink into the ground. In addition to this, the blind will be more protected from the wind as it is surrounded by trees. Therefore it’s less likely for the blind to fall over. 

Food – Your blind should be set up where there is lots of deer passing through. often the best way to do this is near a food source or even creating a food source close to the blind such as salt lick.

Viewing points – A good tip I always use is when looking for a place to set up the box blind is; I will always bring a ladder. I use this to check out areas from the top of the ladder that way I can better visualise my viewing points.  

Ground surface – When setting up your blind you have to make sure it’s as level as possible  

Strong anchor points – Make sure this blind is well and truly secure to the ground. If you don’t know the best way to do this. I have attached a video below on how to secure a tower/ box blind to the ground. 

To conclude 

If you think your blind has seen better days or you fancy checking out what are the best tower & box blinds on the market today check out the guide below.

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