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Best Box and Tower Blinds - Reviewed By HuntBlind Specialists


Muddy Soft Side 360 Blind and 10' Tower

If you are looking for a 360 view on a tower, then this box stand is perfect. It can be used on the ground or elevated to suit your needs. This model boasts a soft-sided design with insulated fabric walls. This means that you won’t freeze during the winter during your hunting adventures.

The blind has a large zippered door for easy access to the box blind. Also, the 10’ tower features steel construction frames, therefore durable. Besides, it features non-slip steps and handrails. It is, therefore, safe for you. Finally, the sturdy structure supports a weight capacity of 500lbs.


  • Steel frame 10’ tower for height visibility
  • Has zippered entry for easy in and out
  • Well insulated to provide heat suing cold season
  • Supports a maximum weight of 500lbs


  • It takes time to put up for use

Latest deal: Muddy Soft Side 360 Blind and 10′ Tower


Primal Tree Stands with enclosure hunting blind

portable box blinds

If you are set for outdoor hunting, then portable box blinds would be perfect. This tree stand has a durable steel ladder, therefore, ensures safety when in use. Additionally, it boasts of a 210-denier fabric in Realtree Xtra hence resistant to tear and wear. The footprint section is also wide for easy stretching.

This is one of the big game box blinds equipped with 8 windows, which allow you to take accurate shots since the view is clear through the windows. Also, this blind has a steel interior pole to support the blind enclosure. Finally, it is easy to set up and use.


  • The ladder and the structure made from quality steel, hence durable
  • Waterproof 210-denier fabric in Realtree Xtra
  • Has a wider footprint to allow stretching
  • 8 windows for a fantastic view and sure aim


  • There are a lot of pieces and parts, so assembling will take time

Latest deal: Primal Tree Stands with enclosure hunting blind


Guide Gear 6' Tripod Tower and Blind

Suppose you want to be able to see everything without giving away your hiding point. We included this 6’ Tripod Tower Blind with an advanced LookOut 1-way mesh for an excellent view while still concealing you in your hiding spot. It is big enough to accommodate more than one hunter making it reliable.

It boasts plenty of windows, hence easy to line up your shot. Besides, it has an adjustable ladder for easy in and out movements. The structure comes from quality steel coated metal construction while the blind features high-quality fabric. This explains why it stands the test of time.


  • Spacious to accommodate 2 people
  • Durable construction for long-lasting use
  • Adjustable ladder for easy entry and exit
  • Has a tripod-style base for extra stability


  • It requires experience to use it.

Latest deal: Guide Gear 6′ Tripod Tower and Blind


Rivers Edge Landmark 10' Hunting Tower, 6'x6' platform

If you are looking for a tower blind that will provide safety and functionality, then this Rivers Edge system is a great choice that you need to look into. It is made from quality tubular steel construction.  Again, the rugs are slip-resistant, consequently ensures safety when in use. The 6′ x 6′ steel mesh platform provides enough space for stretching while on a day-long hunt.

Additional strength is guaranteed thanks to the X-bracing designed for strength and stability. Even though the blind is sold separately, you will still love how it houses and camouflages you from the target.


  • Sturdy to support 800lbs
  • Spacious for easy stretching and additional gear
  • Made from quality steel to stand a test of time
  • The 10” tower improves visibility


  • Doesn’t have any

Latest deal: Rivers Edge Landmark 10′ Hunting Tower


Banks Outdoor Products the Stump 4

Looks like: wooden box blinds

You can now hide your visibility by camouflaging in the forest with this round design unit made for bow hunters. Banks bow hunting box blinds guarantee you 360 degrees view, hence comprehensive visibility. Apart from the wood construction, it has a UV stabilized polyethylene, therefore extraordinarily durable and weather resistant.

Additionally, the heavy-duty steel base is reliable and safe for holding the blind. Also, the windows on this blind open silently, and the scent is constrained. This makes it hard for the target to notice you. If you like painting your blind, then this is a good choice for you because you can paint it.


  • Made from quality materials to last you longer
  • The steel base makes it safe when in use
  • Ladders present makes entry and exit easy
  • Allows for 360 degrees view for visibility


  • Not adjustable and therefore height limited

Latest deal: Banks Outdoor Products the Stump 4


Guide Gear Full Blind Enclosure for 20' Tripod

cheap box blinds

If you are on a budget and looking for cheap box blinds, then this Guide Gear Full Blind Enclosure is perfect. It stands 20” tall, therefore offers more comprehensive visibility to spot the target. Therefore, it has 8 zippered windows, making it easy for you to see your target from different angles. The four roof support bars also make it safe when in use.

You can use the tripod hunting blinds during the rainy season since the fabric is water-resistant, hence keeping the gear free from water. Moreover, this blind keeps your scent and movements intact, making it useful during hunting expeditions. Finally, it has an easy access door to allow for effortless entry and exit.


  • 20 inch stand to allow for a quick view
  • Has 8 zippered windows for multidirectional visibility
  • Contains your movements and scent, therefore, keeps you unnoticed
  • Has a waterproof fabric for use in unpredictable weather


  • The height can make it unstable and hence not safe for use

Latest deal: Guide Gear Full Blind Enclosure for 20′ Tripod


X-Stand the Alcatraz 16' Tripod with Full-Enclosure Hunting Blind

This 2 in one tripod and blind has an extra space that makes it easy to use. It boasts of a 16′ tripod for a broader view of your target. The blind camouflages you against the deer. This stand, together with the blind comes from quality materials for durability.

The ladder is tall enough to allow easy entry and exit.  Additionally, the blind’s design and shape make it one of the perfect tower blinds for deer hunting. It also provides enough space for movement and setting up your weapons. It also has 10 windows; therefore, it offers absolute visibility as you aim at the target.


  • Large and spacious for various shooting styles
  • 10 windows for excellent viewing
  • Made from quality materials hence durable
  • Scent and movement concealment guaranteed


  • The setting up requires some time before you use it

Latest deal: X-Stand the Alcatraz 16′ Tripod with Full-Enclosure Hunting Blind

What Makes The Best Box and Tower Blinds

What to look for in a hunting blind

Before you buy box blind kits, it is crucial to do thorough research. This will help you avoid the regret that comes with impulsive buying decisions. We have shared below the considerations for box blinds and tower hunting blinds

Construction – A reliable box blind and box stand tower should come from quality materials. Often the best materials include steel tubing and strong fabric for the blind. This will ensure durability. Also, the sturdy construction makes the entire box and tower safe for use.

Windows – Windows are ideal for visibility. We have zippered windows that allow you to unzip and view the target. Also, there are different types of windows on a blind with varying designs. Most importantly, the number of windows on a blind matter most. 

Depending on the box’s size, you will find varying windows from 1 to 10 windows.

Doors – The doors are supposed to be wide enough to allow entry and exit. The doors come in different sizes depending on the size of the box hunting blind. Zippered doors are common and allow for easy access and exit from the box blind.

Scent – Scent is crucial to the target. When the deer smells your scent, then it is likely to change the course. Therefore, a box blind and box stand that conceals your scent is perfect. This is why you need to pick on the materials that do not allow the scent to escape and reveal you to the targets.

Noise – How much noise does your blind produce? The box blind should be quiet to allow uninterrupted movement. Ensure you lubricate the swivel and movable parts to prevent scratching and alerting the deer about your presence.

Space – Space is also vital, and this is why you need enough space for relaxed hunting. Check the foot section and ensure it is wide to allow stretching as you hunt. Also, the ensure room in the blind box should be adequate to accommodate your gear or even an extra hunter.

Comfort – Comfy is critical and determines the hours you will stay alert while hunting. In your box, a comfortable seat with armrests and a backrest will work wonders. You will spend hours hunting without feeling the strain.

The benefits of hunting at height in a blind

Ground hunting is good, but it’s even better for a hunter like you with higher height. Height enables you to see beyond the target; it lets you see a hidden deer over the thick cover. You can aim well when on the height, this increases the chances of targeting the deer.

It also makes you less visible thanks to the camouflage that keeps the animals unaware of your presence. Also, the height structures remain in place, so animals get used to it and never see it as a significant threat.

Finally, height disperses your scent upwards and not downwards. Therefore, the chances of your target noticing your presence are rare.

Taking down your tower box blind 

Once you have finished the hunting mission, it is time to take down the deer blind. This takes quite some time to set it up. Therefore, you will need patience as you progress. First, remove the top cover. Check to see if the blind has screws then unscrew them to pave the way for easy removal of the top section.

After that, remove the side panel while you support it somewhere to avoid instant fall, which might tamper with the durability. Once you have removed one side, simultaneously remove the remaining three sizes to remain with the floor section. Pick the floor section and set it at a safe place.

Camouflage your box blind 

There are various types of blind boxes. Wooden box blinds are easy to camouflage since they accept repairing. So, take the box and add the light paint to seal it and prevent weather elements. Spray the box with a Como pattern to get your desired camouflage in place. 

Pick a leaf and place it on your sported section and apply a different spray on top of the leaf. This will spray other areas and leave the pattern on the leaf section. Once you complete the process, allow the box to dry. After that, it’s ready for use.

Frequently asked Questions

What is the best tower box blind for the money?
The market has a variety of box blinds. The right unit depends on your preference. You will consider your budget and areas of use to select your best type. We have shared with you the top seven types on the market to suit your needs. At least one will meet your expectations.

Affordability and functionality are essential when it comes to your choice. Guide Gear Full Blind Enclosure for 20′ Tripod is perfect if you are looking for a cheap blind.

How to hide a tower blind?
Start by picking a good site before the season of animal movement begins. Put the structure up so that animals passing by won’t get scared with the unfamiliar unit. Cover the section a few limbs to keep it camouflaged in the pathway.

Additionally, you can use paint to make the tower blind look like the environment around, this camouflages your presence as you hunt.

How to build a box blind?
Building an inexpensive box blind at home is easy. It would help if you had the following (12) 8 foot 2x4s, (3) 8 foot 1x2s,(5) half-inch sheets of plywood, cut to 4 feet by 8 feet, (2) 4×8 corrugated tin sheets, and (2) door hinges. This will cost you between $100 and $300.

Construct the base first at 4x8ft. Attach the support structure for steadiness. Screw the sheets of the plywood to the base. Use the 2x4s to set up the frame and make sure it is slopping on the backside for easy flow of water.

The height should be six feet or more to accommodate different sizes. Proceed to screw the horizontal supports on the frame. Attach the walls with the plywood sheets well measured.

Cut small windows and a door for shooting at the front and back in the side plywood. Use the plywood section you cut for removing and add the hinges to make the door easy to use.


How to choose a tower box blind 

It is not easy to choose a box blind deer stand that’s efficient during hunting trips. First, the market has plenty of these boxes with varying features. As explained earlier, the most crucial features include size, durability, comfort, space, scent, and windows, among other features.

Furthermore, you need to check if the selected type is within your budget. If you plan for a hunting trip with your friend, then getting a large blind is wise. This will allow you to stretch easily and also carry extra gear for a successful hunting trip.

Additionally, the construction quality comes fast as you get a tower blind that promises you a long-lasting usage. This saves you money since you won’t frequent the store in search of a new blind over and again.

Finally, your tower box blind should have a reasonable height with good windows. This helps for visibility, therefore locating your target much easier and faster.


If you are searching for affordable box blinds and tower hunting blinds, then this review is designed for you. We have included all the features that experts look out for before making purchases. This will improve your chances of targeting well and shooting right.

Therefore, get one from the 7 recommended products, and enjoy your outdoor hunting with ease and fun.