Make a Salt Lick for Deer

Updated By HuntBlind Experts on January 20, 2021


Every hunter wants to offer the deer edibles that would attract the deer. Salt is an ingredient that can keep deer around you. You can get Salt Lick and Mineral Lick for them to give them which they will surely like. Either you can get it from the market or you can order it from an online store. You can also make Salt Lick and Mineral Lick for the deer with your hands with the recipe shared in this buying guide.


You can make Salt Lick and Mineral Lick by yourself with the help of the ingredients, which you can get easily from your local feed stores such as Rural King, Southern States, Tractor Supply, etc.

1 Part Di-Calcium Phosphate 
It is the first ingredient of the recipe which will help you to make the recipe. You can get this ingredient from the local feed store. It is something that is used as a feed additive for cattle, goats, horses, and swine. This ingredient comes in a 50 lb bag which would cost you around $30.

2 Parts Trace Mineral Salt
This material is the second item of the recipe which would help to promote digestion and growth. It comes in a 50 lb bag and would cost you under $10.

1 Part Stock Salt 
This material is the 3rd ingredient of the recipe which you would get quite easily. It’s just ice cream salt which comes in a 50 lb bag and would cost you under $10.

Buying Ingredients 

You can get the recipe items and ingredients from the local feed store or somewhere else. If you want, then you can get two of the above items from the Amazon store. The two ingredients which you can get from Amazon are as follows:

Di-Calcium Phosphate

There’s no item available with this name on Amazon. But there is an alternative or another brand for this ingredient which you can get on Amazon. The other two items available on Amazon are as follows:

Trace Mineral Salt – You can find six core micro minerals in Trace Mineral Bag of Salt. They are Zinc, Manganese, Cobalt, Copper, Iodine and Iron. All these core micro minerals are necessary for essential animal health. This item is specially formulated for all classes of beef and dairy horses, pigs and cattle. The bag weighs 50 lb and won’t cost you much.

Salt Stock – You can get the salt stock ingredient from amazon with its same name. This item is for all classes of beef and dairy horses, pigs and cattle. It includes the Anti-caking Agent Yps. You can use these items both as stock salt and mixing salt. It guarantees 95% purity level for the fine stock. The bag weighs 50 lb and will not be heavy in your pocket.

Making Salt Lick

If you have got all the ingredients from the market or an online store, then it’s time to make the Salt Lick for deer. The given are some steps you need to follow to make Salt Lick:

  • You need to get all minerals or ingredients in a large bucket and mix it.
  • After mixing, you should get to the spot where you think the deer frequently walk. 
  • You should dig a hole about 8 inches deep at the above spot.
  • After this, you need to pour the bucket that contains mineral mixture into the hole. You can pour old tree stump all around it too if you have it.
  • You can place a trail camera at the spot near the hole so that you can watch the deer afterwards.

You can create Salt Lick in different places with 50 lb bags of the ingredients.


You can make a Salt Lick at your hunting property for deer so that you can see them. The recipe mentioned above will help you to do it. You can easily get all the ingredients on the local feed market, or you can also get some ingredients from Amazon. Buy ingredients, and make this recipe today to attract deer.