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Our Pick of the Best Deer Hunting Tree Stands


Guide Gear 6' Tripod Tower and Blind

Are you looking for a 2-person pop up blind that offers perfect cover? Ameristep Doghouse features a matte finish with a tree-pattern and Duracell fabric. Because of this, it ensures you have ideal concealment against prey. Also, the Duracell material is long-lasting.

It has several tie-downs with sturdy stakes. For this reason, it is stable even during harsh windy conditions. The 2-man pop up blind is light and comes with a carrying bag. Henceforth, you can move around with it effortlessly.

Finally, it has a large window and has a shoot-through mesh that you can attach. Consequently, you can take down prey without alerting them.


  • Tripod comes with the blind, thus cost-effective
  • Spacious to accommodate two hunters
  • Tripod made from quality steel; hence durable
  • Expansive 6’ base therefore stable and safe


  • Massive due to the metal components

Latest deal: Guide Gear 6′ Tripod Tower and Blind


Rivers Edge RE650

Take along a second hunting partner with this tree stand ladder. It crafts from excellent quality materials that guarantee years of use. This deer stand bracket also has superior tubing, stable, and secure enough to allow you to concentrate on your target and make a sure aim.

When you have this unit, the comfort is guaranteed thanks to the thicker padding and ergonomic seats. Additionally, the unit features a 42” comprehensive platform and flip-out footrest to allow room for stretching.

Finally, at 124 lbs., this stand is portable and can still support up to 500lbs. This makes it excellent for your hunting.


  • Made with quality tubing to support 500lbs
  • Has a comprehensive platform for comfortable standing and stretching your foot
  • Accommodates two people
  • Thick padding for comfort


  • The shooting rest is not adjustable with a useless angle.

Latest deal: Rivers Edge RE650


XtremepowerUS Outdoor Tree Climber Hunting Tree Stand

If you are looking for a hunting tree lounge deer stand to guarantee you comfortable and safe climbing, this is a unit to consider. The hanging stands are designed to link to the tree with chains at your comfortable height.

It features a solid front bar for easy climbing. Plus, it offers space for gun rest, thus relieving you from the bulkiness of carrying the gun. Moreover, the unit has a comfortable padded seat, which you raise for bow hunting. Also, you can lower the seat for gun hunting.

Finally, this portable deer stand unit comes with a frame nest that puts together and easily packs on your back.


  • The hanging stand hangs comfortably on a tree
  • Has the comfortable padded seat for luxurious use
  • Comes with a frame nest that makes it portable
  • Come with a solid front bar for easy climbing and gun rest


  • Types with a cable require advanced skills to climb.

Latest deal: Xtremepower Tree Climber Hunting Tree Stand


Guide Gear 12' Tripod Deer Stand

If you want to take your comfort and hunt to a whole new level, this portable tripod deer stand is perfect. It has a 360 degrees view, so you can have it wherever you decide then track and aim with ease. The collapsible frame allows you to carry it and position it anywhere.

The three-leg design is simple and spreads then locks down for stable and secure use—the 3″ x 4″ footpads at the base anchor on the ground for additional stability. Moreover, the oversized, Flex-Core cushioned suspension seat is very comfortable for long hours of use.

The padded armrest and cushioned backrest all deliver a relaxing shooting experience.


  • 360 degrees view for easy use
  • Very comfortable arm and backrest
  • Three leg design for stability on the ground
  • Collapsible frames for portability


  • Very flimsy for a fat man

Latest deal: Guide Gear 12′ Tripod Deer Stand


X-Stand Treestands The Jayhawk 20

If durability is a priority for you, then this steel constructed ladder stand blind will work for you. It weighs 122lbs, thus portable to your preferred locations. The unit sturdiness supports a carrying capacity of 500lbs. Therefore, you can hunt without wobbling or falling.

The deep seat cushion and the comfortable backrest allows you to enjoy a luxurious hunting experience all day long. The unit is wide enough and comfortable enough to be used by two people. Finally, this unit is safe, thanks to the dual steel jaws that lock on a tree trunk to give you the right height for safe use.


  • Steel construction thus durable
  • Lightweight and hence portable
  • Cushioned seats plus comfortable backrest for long day comfort
  • Accommodates two users


  • The washers are too soft, so you need to purchase others.

Latest deal: X-Stand Treestands The Jayhawk 20


Lone Wolf Assault II Hang On Tree Stand

This stand is designed for the hunters who want a tree stand that easily squeezes in limited spaces. It is a lightweight hang-on tree stand that makes your work effortless when it comes to portability, letting you use it wherever you want.

The comprehensive deer stand platform is advantageous because it offers easy maneuvering and stress-free fitting on the nastiest trees you’ll find. The unit also has the In Cast Bow Holder, which holds your parallel limb bows. Lastly, this type is durable and capable of supporting up to 350lbs.


  • Fits trees 4″ – 22″ in diameter, thus excellent for a variety of trees
  • Easily squeezes in the limited spaces
  • Very durable and supports up to 350lbs
  • Light unit and portable


  • Not comfortable to allow you to sit all day long

Latest deal: Lone Wolf Assault II Hang On Tree Stand


Summit Treestands 81120 Viper SD

This mobile deer stand climb has a metal construction, thus durable. Plus, the metal is silent and will let you aim the deer quietly. The closed front aluminum climbing stand keeps you safe while in use. The suspended foam padded seat and the stretchable backrest keeps you comfortable all day long.

Despite the sturdy construction, this unit weighs 20 lbs, thus making it a portable deer stand. Besides, it has a carrying capacity of 300lbs; therefore, it’s efficient during your hunting. This stand can work well during all your outdoor hunting games, making it worth your money.


  • Made from quality metal, thus durable
  • Lightweight and portable to your desired location
  • Padded seat and stretching backrest for comfort
  • Closed front section for safe use


  • It has a lot of things to fix; it thus takes time to set up.

Latest deal: Summit Treestands 81120 Viper SD


Rivers Edge One Man Ladder Stand

If you are looking for unmatched stability, then this ladder stand blind comes from quality materials, thus withstanding the test of time. The Octagonal tubing makes this unit very stiff and stable. Plus, the full deer stand platform with footrest makes it easy for you to stretch your legs as you aim. This keeps you comfortable and free from fatigue.

The flip-up, tear tuff mesh seat is comfortable to take you through hours of sitting as you hunt. Even more, it has a 2-way adjustable rail system to give you the excellent shooting height and depth. Finally, the unit has a ratcheting system, so everything is well secured.


  • The two-way adjustable for height and depth
  • Made from quality metal, thus durable
  • Has a platform with footrest for comfortable use
  • Very comfortable mesh seat for long hours of use


  • It takes two hours to put in place.

Latest deal: Rivers Edge One Man Ladder Stand


Guide Gear 2-Man 12' Tower Tree Stand

The spacious two-person ladder stand with blind is here to ensure hunting success. It comes from excellent quality steel, thus withstands years of use. It also has comfortable padded 360 degrees swivel seats. You will sit the entire day without strain. Again, the swivel allows you to aim in different directions without turning the whole seat.

Moreover, the unit has a ladder stand blind or easy entry. Plus, it has footpads to prevent it from sinking. This leaves you hunting on steady ground, thus safe. Due to the sturdy construction, the model carries up to 500lbs. Finally, it is a portable deer stand, thanks to the 140lbs weight capacity.


  • Made from quality steel thus durable
  • The space is adequate for two people
  • The seat has comfortable padding for long day use
  • It has a footpad to prevent sinking in the ground


  • There is no angle on the top, so when it rains, expect a pool of water.

Latest deal: Guide Gear 2-Man 12′ Tower Tree Stand


Guide Gear Heavy-Duty 20' Hunting Tripod

Another ladder stand you will find efficient during your hunting is this Guide gear. It comes from quality steel construction, thus durable. Additionally, the floor is roomy, providing sufficient space for the movement of your legs. It also has adjusted legs to keep it stable on the ground and give you the required height.

This guide has a padded shooting rail to keep you comfortable while in action. The seat is also a mesh type and swivels through 360 degrees for a relaxing view and shooting. Finally, this model withstands up to 300lbs.


  • Very spacious legroom area for easy use
  • Adjustable legs for stability and excellent height reach
  • Padded armrest for long day use
  • Swivel seat for a 360-degree view


  • You will need more time to set it up.

Latest deal: Guide Gear Heavy-Duty 20′ Hunting Tripod


Summit Treestands The Stump

If you value simplicity, then this tree stand will work for you. It is a powder-coated steel unit that will take you through days of use. Unlike other models that require hours to set up, this model will take fewer minutes to be ready for use. The shock-free design makes it a tranquil, smooth hunting experience.

It is lightweight for portability. Also, the unit is sturdy to support 300lbs. This gives you a safe hunting experience. Even though the seat size is small, you will still find it comfortable and safe for use. Finally, it is cost-effective.


  • Made from quality metal, thus durable
  • Easy to set up and use
  • Lightweight and portable unit
  • Shock free design and very quiet


  • Seating space is limited.

Latest deal: Summit Treestands The Stump


Bolderton Outlander 360 19' Ladder Tree Stand

If you need something that will set you up for hunting success, look no further because the Bolderton Outlander has the features you need. It has six integrated hunting blinds for tree stands to cover you from below. Also, it is a 360 deer stand for a more comprehensive view. Plus, you enjoy the comfort of a backrest throughout the day.

The foot platform available allows you to stretch to relax you from the impending fatigue. The tree stand has a Grizzly Grip Safety System that grips well to the tree to offer you a secure hunting experience.


  • The seat swivels through 360 degrees for a more expansive view
  • Comes with Grizzly Grip Safety System that grips well to the tree 
  • Comfortable backrest to allow for a long day hunting
  • It has six blinds to conceal you from below


  • It is expensive

Latest deal: Bolderton Outlander 360 19′ Ladder Tree Stand


X-Stand Treestands The Talon X 21' Two Man Ladderstand

Deer hunting is now effortless thanks to the X-Stand unit that comes from steel for additional strength and stability on the ground. It grips well, thus safe to use during your hunting mission. It has a weight capacity of 112lbs; it’s also portable. Plus, the carrying capacity is 600lbs, therefore reliable.

It also has a deep seat cushion with a comfortable backrest for all-day hunting routine. The height and depth make this stand easy to use and great for your day to day tasks. Finally, no swaying and twisting, thanks to the jaw safety locking system.


  • Durable constriction from quality metals
  • Has a carrying capacity of 600lbs
  • Mesh backrest plus a padded seat for comfy
  • Has jaw safety locking system for easy use


  • It takes time to set up for use.

Latest deal: X-Stand Treestands The Talon Ladderstand

All You Need To Know When Buying The Best Deer Hunting Tree Stands

What to look for in a hunting tree stand

A reliable hunting tree must come from quality metal materials. A metal piping is advisable for durability. The seat should be comfortable with a padded cushion and comfortable armrests with a mesh backrest. Additionally, it should have sufficient legroom to allow ease of use.

It must be easy to set up for use. Moreover, the unit should be able to support considerable weight capacities. If you have the type that has legs, then you need a footpad to prevent sinking. Finally, if you have a unit with adjustable height, then it will work well to help you have a great view.

The Advantages of Using a Hunting Tree Stand

You can view the target with ease and go unnoticed since the seat is above the ground. Some strands are spacious and accommodate two hunters, therefore reliable. A hunting tree stand with a swivel chair makes it easy for you to hunt through 360 degrees direction.

Staying Safe When Using a Tree Stand

Climbing on a tree can be safe and also dangerous. Ensure you wear a deer stand harness to distribute your weight, ensuring safety in case of a fall. Additionally, always practice wearing your harness. This will give you the confidence to use it while climbing since you know the tips and tricks about the deer stand harness use.

The Perfect Height Setting for Hunting Tree Stands

The right height depends on your target and how easy you need to aim at it. But, it is advisable not to go above 25 ft. in most cases, stands hang 17 to 20 feet up the tree. This is standard, thus an excellent way to make it safe for use.

Finding the Right Tree to Set Your Stand On

You need the right tree for safe hunting. First, a tall tree-like pine will not be ideal. We recommend a short tree that can conceal you if you don’t have the deer stand blinds. Plus, choose a strong tree to support your weight and wide enough to hold the stand. Any sign of a rotting tree is dangerous and hence avoid it.

Using a Tree Stand for Hunting Whitetail Deer 

Whitetail deer hunting is a high-pressure activity that requires steadiness. Ensure you set up your hunting stand, not too close to the deer path. You can keep the stand 15-20 yards from your shooting position to the course of the deer.

Being too close to the deer means that the shooting angle reduces, thus causing a higher chance of missing the target. Sit on your tree stand with minimal movements and aim at your whitetail deer. This is how to attract deer to your stand.

Things to consider  

Deer hunting is exciting when you have all the parameters in place. First, you need to consider the distance from your tree standpoint to the path of the deer. It should not be too close. However, the closer it is, the more comfortable it is for you to aim. Regardless, this can still expose you to the deer, thus making it easy to be spotted.

Also, your stand should be positioned well on a tree to allow for the right shooting angle. It should not be too high. For instance, a suitable height should be below 25 feet.

Frequently asked Questions

What Different Tree Stands are there?
Three common types include; climbing stand, hang-on deer stand, and ladder stand. Climbing stands feature two-piece units, i.e., a seat and a climbing platform. Other than a seat, you have the means to get up there.

The hang-on deer stand is in the fixed position family and comes with a platform and a seat attached. They attach to trees with straps or chains. Once in place, they are reticent.

Ladder stand blind features a multi-piece ladder style assembly. It has a seat and platform at the top, and all are secured with straps or belts. Some offer room for two or more hunters.

How do I Plan for the Perfect Tree Stand Hunt?
Planning for the perfect tree hunt requires you to have a reliable tree stand. Identify the right spot where the deer passes. Afterward, mount your stand on the tree with the right height, probably 17 ft. up for easy viewing.

If you stand has the chains and straps design, make sure you attach it well to prevent movements that can easily expose you to the target. Pretest the location before you start hunting to make sure the entire setup is working for you.

What is the best way for Tree Stand Hunting Efficiently?
This depends on how you position your tree stand for hunting. Often the mounting height is crucial and contributes a lot when it comes to aiming. For efficiency, make sure the height you choose doesn’t expose you, particularly when you don’t have the tree stand blinds.

For the tree stand stability, ensure the unit has the footpads to prevent it from sinking in the wet ground.


How we choose the best hunting tree stand

Choosing the best hunting tree stand isn’t easy. You must know your requirements and then get a stand to meet your preferred standards. Choosing the best hunting tree stand will require you to focus on the three types of available stands. Here you will pick the one that excites you more.

Additionally, the right stand boasts excellent durability, which is where the materials you use for construction come in. The choice should have a metal pipe construction to support more weight. Also, the straps seat and backrest on the stand should be comfortable enough for a long day full of hunting.

Mostly, a unit that has a swivel seat with enough space to accommodate more hunters is best. However, you can still have a reliable unit that works for a single person.

Finally, choose a hunting stand that has enough legroom. This will keep you comfortable and straight during the hunt because you will have a leeway to stretch.


In general, the best deer hunting tree stands are available in the market. But, picking the best climbing deer stand from the available options is an uphill task. We took the challenge to help you get the right type for your outdoor adventures.

All our recommendations have the best features and are cost-effective. Check through and identify the one that meets your description and then try it out for an adventurous hunting experience.