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Best Pop Up Blinds


Ameristep Doghouse Ground Blind

2 man pop up hunting blind

Are you looking for a 2-person pop up blind that offers perfect cover? Ameristep Doghouse features a matte finish with a tree-pattern and Duracell fabric. Because of this, it ensures you have ideal concealment against prey. Also, the Duracell material is long-lasting.

It has several tie-downs with sturdy stakes. For this reason, it is stable even during harsh windy conditions. The 2-man pop up blind is light and comes with a carrying bag. Henceforth, you can move around with it effortlessly.

Finally, it has a large window and has a shoot-through mesh that you can attach. Consequently, you can take down prey without alerting them.


  • Tie-downs and stakes for stability
  • Matte finish and tree pattern for concealment
  • Light and has a carrying bag for portability
  • Large windows and shoot-through netting for efficient hunting


  • Not waterproof

Latest deal: Ameristep Doghouse Ground Blind


Ameristep Caretaker Magnum Hunting Blind

Cheap Pop up Blind

Are you looking for cheap pop up blinds? Well, with Ameristep Caretaker, you will enjoy the affordability and excellent camouflage during hunting. For starters, it features several straps on its exterior. Consequently, you can brush in your blind for added concealment.

Next, it has a dull finish with an outward plant pattern. Due to this, it assists you to catch prey unawares. The pop up ground hunting blind is waterproof for use in rainy conditions.

This blind has a 66” height, 55-inch by 55-inch footprint, and 69” shooting width. Because of this, the 2-person pop up blind allows hunting with several tools like guns, bows, or crossbows.

The spider web hub offers effortless set-up and takedown in just two minutes.


  • Numerous straps for twig attachment
  • Plant pattern and a dull finish for camouflage
  • Waterproof for use in rainy conditions
  • Spacious to allow hunting with several tools


  • The small door strains tall people during access.

Latest deal: Ameristep Caretaker Magnum Hunting Blind


Primos Pop Up Blind

If you are searching for a popup blind that offers you a wide field of view, get Primos. Furthermore, it offers up to a 270-degree viewing area. Thus, you can track your prey from numerous directions.

The hunting pop up blind features a dull exterior with a camo pattern. Given this, it offers you excellent concealment. Also, it has a dark interior. The blind cancels the effect of silhouettes and shadows as a result.

Its dimensions are 55-inches by 55-inches by 70-inches. In effect, you have ample room to allow you to turn around and kill the game quickly. You have seven shoot-through ports. Are those not adequate to capture prey from various angles?


  • Dark interior to conceal user movements
  • Camo pattern for camouflage
  • 270-degree field of view for better visibility
  • Numerous shoot-through ports for efficiency


  • No rear view

Latest deal: Primos Pop Up Blind


Barronett Blinds BX550BW Pop Up Blind

Are you seeking a camo pop up blind that you can use with several people? BX550BW has a pentagon shape to provide 70% more space than square counterparts. Also, the large footprint allows you to sit further back. Due to this, it is unlikely for prey to spot your movements.

The oxhide fabric offers you durability and allows you to use it in any weather. The hunting pop up blind has a dull exterior with a plant pattern for concealment. Furthermore, it has a dark interior to prevent movement detection by shadows and silhouettes.

The exterior also features several loops. These allow you to attach twigs for enhanced camouflage.


  • Oxhide fabric construction to offer added durability
  • Silently opening windows for concealing
  • Pentagon shape to provide ample space
  • Several loops for brush holding


  • Offers no hind view
Latest deal: Barronett Blinds BX550BW Pop Up Blind

Rhino Blinds R150 Pop Up Blind

There is no need for you to get stuck with a pop up blind which has a pattern you do not fancy. That is why R150 comes in four different camo patterns. These include Realtree edge, mossy oak obsession, mossy oak breakup country, and predator deception. Therefore, your concealment against prey is guaranteed.

Besides, it comes from 150D polyester with antimicrobial treatment and triple stitched corners. Because of this, it is durable, and the frame won’t pop through the fabric.

The camo pop up blind has hook and loop windows. You can open them silently and capture your prey before they even notice. The stakes and tie-down ropes ensure stability during a windstorm.


  • 150D polyester fabric for longevity
  • Hook and loop windows to close silently
  • Camo patterns for concealment
  • Triple stitched corners for sturdiness


  • Difficult to position the mesh while hunting

Latest deal: Rhino Blinds R150 Pop Up Blind


Ameristep Pro Pop-up Blind

Insulated popup blind

If you are looking for a quality four-person blind, here is an excellent choice for you. Ameristep Pro has a 70-inch center height, 70-inch by 70-inch footprint, and 84-inch shooting width. Thus, it has ample room.

It has a durable 300D fabric construction to withstand harsh weather. Due to the sturdy design, it will offer you warmth throughout your hunting endeavors.

The insulated pop up blind features black ShadowGuard inside walls to counter shadows and silhouettes. For this reason, it will hide your movements. The mossy oak pattern exterior and the twelve silently opening windows are ideal for hunting. Also, it has straps for brush attachment.

To conclude, the popup hunting blind features a full-size door. Hence, it allows tall and broad people to enter and exit with ease.


  • Full-size door for effortless entry and exit
  • Durable 300D fabric to withstand harsh conditions
  • Massive pentagonal design to accommodate four adults
  • Black ShadowGuard inside for movement concealment


  • It takes more time to set up than smaller blinds.

Latest deal: Ameristep Pro Pop-up Blind


Rhino Blinds R200-MOC Hunting Blind

This is the perfect three-person ground blind for your next hunting escapades. R200-MOC comes from 150D polyester. Also, it resists microbial growth and is water-proof.

The pop up hunting blind features hook and loop windows. Because of this innovative feature, windows open silently to prevent the game from detecting your position. Other camouflage features of this blind include the matte finish and camo patterns.

R200-MOC has several loops on its exterior. These are essential during brush attachment for better concealment of your blind.

What’s more, setting up the pop up blind is swift. With a little practice, you can have your unit up and ready for hunting in a minute!


  • 150D polyester fabric for long-lasting service
  • Hook and loop windows for silent opening
  • Matt finish and camo patterns for camouflage
  • Several loops to attach the brush


  • Short height not ideal for standing

Latest deal: Rhino Blinds R200-MOC Hunting Blind


Barronett Blinds PR200BT Pop Up Blind

pop up ground hunting blind

Are you fed-up of dragging along your massive pop up ground blind? Arm yourself with the extra-light PR200BT at 9.4 pounds and bid farewell to fatigue.

Something that some blinds fail to factor in is an adequate viewing angle. Thankfully, this pop up blind has a wide 270-degree viewing area. Because of this, you can track game and hunt with much more ease.

Concealment features are not left out either. The unit features zipperless windows for noise-free opening. Again, its exterior is dull and has a tree pattern to prevent detection by prey. Lastly, it has loops to offer brush attachment points for excellent blind concealment.


  • Ultra-light and comes with a carrying bag to ease portability
  • Zipper-free windows for noiseless opening
  • 270-degree viewing for efficient prey tracking
  • Straps on outer walls for brush attachment


  • Does not feature a see-through netting

Latest deal: Barronett Blinds PR200BT Pop Up Blind


Ameristep Outhouse Hunting Blind

One Man Pop Up Hunting Blind

Do you have noisy friends that always want to tag along and mess with your sport? Getting this quality one-man pop up blind is the perfect way to kick them out.

Its dimensions are a 78” height with a 60-inch by 60-inch footprint. Due to this, it offers you enough room to turn around with ease.

The exterior plant pattern and matt finish are excellent camouflage features. Plus, it features a black ShadowGuard interior. In effect, there is no silhouette or shadow formation. Prey will not easily detect your movement unless they are super close.

The lightweight one-man pop up hunting blind comes with a carrying bag for swift carrying. In conclusion, it has a steel spring frame for quick set up.


  • ShadowGuard interior to avoid the formation of silhouettes and shadows
  • Long and spacious for smooth and effortless turning
  • Plant pattern and matt finish or concealment
  • Four window openings for a wide field of view


  • Not usable on hard grounds as it needs staking

Latest deal: Ameristep Outhouse Hunting Blind


THUNDERBAY Gobbler Hunting Blind

With a 95” by 95” hub to hub dimensions and a 71-inch center height, THURDERBAY has enough room for four.

The popup blind features 300D polyester construction to last for ages. Besides the durable fabric, the unit also has a sturdy fiberglass frame. Its exterior has hardwood camo patterns and a dull finish. Given this, it offers you excellent camouflage.

The hunting pop up blind has sliding windows. Therefore, you can open them without alerting the prey. The dark interior coating allows no room for silhouette and shadow formation. Thus, the game will not notice as you move about within it.

The large triangular door allows hunters to get in and out effortlessly.


  • 300D polyester sturdy construction
  • Spacious to accommodate four adults
  • Sliding windows for noiseless opening
  • Camo pattern and dull exterior for camouflage


  • Lacks a floor

Latest deal: THUNDERBAY Gobbler Hunting Blind

Guide For When Buying Pop Up Hunting Blinds

What to look for in a pop up hunting blind

Camouflage – This feature is the most important one. Here is what you need to think about.

Does your blind have a ShadowGuard interior? You don’t want that deer to spot silhouettes and shadows.

Are there enough loops for the attachment of natural material? Remember, the patterns on your pop up blind are not enough for camouflage. Besides, what type of designs are present on the blind’s fabric?

Other things you need to look at is zipperless windows and a shoot-through mesh.

Gun Ports – If your preferred device for prey killing is a gun, you must check for gun ports. What is the number of gun ports? The more they are, the easier the hunt.

Where are the gun ports located? Ensure that their positioning is even to catch prey from any direction.

Space for Bows – If you’re not a legal citizen of your country, you may have to do bowhunting instead of using guns. Maybe you find hunting with a bow much easier.

In this case, you need a big popup hunting blind that will allow you to draw your string. Again, you are using arrows and not bullets. Therefore, the space occupied is much more.

Quality – If you read various customer reviews, you will hear some complaining of holes. Still, others claim that the lightest winds resulted in their blind’s fabric popping up.

You do not want to go hunting and suddenly get stranded in a thunderstorm. Polyester fabric is perfect for your popup blinds. If you are in a rainy area, ensure your blind is waterproof and not just water-resistant.

Noise – The point of getting a pop up blind is to conceal yourself. If you enter your blind and all the birds in the area are up in chaos, you need a new one.

Check for zipperless windows that offer a noiseless opening. Again, look for a blind with a sturdy fabric that will not make noise at your arm’s slightest brush.

Getting the Right Size of Pop Up Blind

When you hear size and pop up blind in one sentence, two things come to mind. One is the size of the hunting party. The second is the type of hunting device.

Imagine three people crumbled together in a one-person hunting blind! Not even the chilliest weather can excuse such behavior. You will end up making a lot of noise, and your movements will have limits. By evening, all of you will have nothing to show for the hours wasted.

Using bows to hunt requires more space than using guns. For one, the arrow to bullet ratio is immense, meaning you will need more space for your arrows. Secondly, bows are larger than guns and require you to have room to draw your strings.

So, if you are bowhunting, go for a large pop up blind.

The Major Difference Between A-Frame Blind and Pop Up Blind

For a pop up blind, you need to get a ready-made product with fixed dimensions. On the other hand, you can get an A-frame blind or make one yourself.

Making your own A-frame blind allows you to choose a size that will fit the entire hunting party. Again, you will have enough space to make your aim.

While ground blinds have a solid top, you can have an open-top in an A-frame. For this reason, you can hunt while sitting or standing.

On the downside, A-frame blinds mostly use natural materials. Therefore, they are not suitable during rainy conditions because you will soak to the bone if you were out hunting. 

Additionally, pop up hunting blinds are easier to set up and carry than A-frame blinds.

Advantages of a Pop-up Blind

Firstly, pop up blinds offer excellent concealment. Unlike wearing hunting clothes or sitting up on that tree, it’s highly unlikely for prey to notice your movements. Also, the ShadowGuard counters silhouettes and shadows.

Secondly, most hunting pop up blinds are usable in all weather conditions. Did a rainstorm recently cut off your hunting trip? It’s time to swap those hunting clothes, and the tree stands for one of the best hunting blinds.

Setting up pop-up blinds is effortless, unlike A-frame blinds, tree stands, and elevated hunting blinds. Also, they are so light, and most come with a carry bag. Besides, you can move about with ease and quickly change their position.

Frequently asked Questions

How to Fold a Pop Up Blind?
You will enjoy how swiftly you can set up a pop up ground blind. But if you are not careful during folding, you may incur losses.

Pop up blinds have to lay flat to fit in the carrying case, if available. Wrong folding may result in the damaging of the flexible frame. Simultaneously, your blind may pop open when you do not want it to do so. Here is how you fold a popup blind.

Place a hand on each side of the blind and compress it to a flat shape. Next, turn the hunting blind to its side and press down. Ensure the extra fabric from the sides is also folding into the blind.

Kneel onto the edge of the popup blind that was touching the ground. Grab the rings. Bring them together, compressing the blind to a U shape.

With one hand, hold the rings. Use your other hand to grab the rings at the U point. Pull this point to the blind’s center beneath the side rings in your first hand.

Push down the first hand to secure the section at the blind’s center. Leave this section. Use your other hand to position the rings into an overlapping circle. You are all set! You can now place your blind in the carrying bag.

How do Pop Up Blinds not Spook Deers?
It all depends on the concealment features. Ensure that you get a hunting pop up blind with zipperless windows. In this case, you can open the windows without deers noticing.

The patterns on the exterior of the popup blinds blend well with the natural environment. There are numerous patterns available such as mossy oak and Realtree edge. When choosing a design, go for one that relates best with the hunting grounds you like to visit.

Most pop up blinds have a dark ShadowGuard interior. In effect, there is no silhouette and shadow formation. Therefore, your movements within the blind are not easily detectable to deers.

Unless you are hunting on public grounds, it is not advisable to set up your blind and start hunting immediately. Allow your blind some time to blend in with the natural environment. If your hunting blind stays in a position for some time, deers get used to seeing it.

Finally, most pop up blinds have straps that aid you to brush in your blind.

How to Brush in a Pop Up Blind?
Do you want your hunting pop up blind to blend better with the environment? Then you understand that relying on the fabric’s pattern is not enough.

Brushing in is not necessarily covering your entire pop up blind with twigs. It is attaching several branches to your hunting blind to aid in breaking the unit’s outline.

Some popup blinds come with loops while others do not. Getting a blind with loops will help you attach small branches to the blind and cover it uniformly.

The main thing to consider is keeping your viewing area clear. Do not let a twig deter your arrow or bullet from making a kill. Again, do not use sharp plants, especially those with thorns. These will puncture your blind, rendering it useless in rainy weather.

Moreover, use plant types adjacent to your pop up ground blind when brushing in. Doing otherwise makes your blind conspicuous hence animals tend to avoid it.

Brush in your blind weeks before the actual hunting. This helps to eliminate human odors and allows animals to get used to seeing it.

How to Choose the Right Pop Up Blind for You

The main reason you are considering a pop up blind is concealment. Therefore, camouflage features should be at the top of your checklist. What is the outward pattern and appearance of your blind? It has to be a matte finish with a nature-blending pattern.

Are there straps for brush attachment? How many are they and their positioning? This factor is essential since the patterns on your blind are not sufficient for quality concealment.

What is the window system? Hook and loop windows are the best since they offer a silent opening. Consider the interior of your popup blind too. Does it have a black ShadowGuard? You do not want shadows dancing on the wall and spooking prey in the process.

Check the field of view. Don’t limit the directions you can hunt from.  A wide field of view also allows you to track the game properly.

Consider the number of people going out to hunt. If you are many, get a four-person pop up blind and above. There is no need to waste money on a large blind if you are alone. One-person hunting blind will allow you to concentrate on your hunt.

Weight and the ease of setting up are also things to put in mind. After all, you are hunting and not out for a work out session!

Final Words

You have all you need to settle on the perfect unit for you from this pop up hunting blind reviews. These ten best pop up hunting blinds are energy and time savers.

The cheapest option on this list is Ameristep Outhouse. However, remember to look at the number of people using the blinds as well. Get one of these blinds for unforgettable hunting escapades.