Ground Blind Vs Box Blind

Updated By HuntBlind Experts on February 21, 2023

Are you looking to invest in a new hunting blind?

Not sure what blind is for you?

This article will compare the Box/tower Blind with the ground blind. I am allowing you to identify what blinds best suits you.


Ground blinds are hunting blinds that are set up on the ground. They are easy to assemble, and most popups are like a tent. Their camo complexion allows you to hide from deer, with most having brushing hoops enabling you to conceal the blind further.

In addition to this, ground blinds are lightweight and easy to move to different locations. Most blinds come with an over-the-shoulder carry case.


  • Lightweight
  • Easy to transport
  • Easy to brush in
  • You don’t need to be near a tree
  • Less risk of injury
  • Kill zones are larger since you’re at ground level and not elevated
  • Great for those who are less mobile


  • You’re in a deer’s line of sight.
  • Don’t get the same aerial views.
  • Since it should be closed, you don’t have the full 360 degrees of viewing capabilities.
  • Thinner materials, colder hunts
  • Flat plane shots, which aren’t as safe.
  • Cheaper


Box blinds, often called tower blinds and elevated blinds, are hunting blinds elevated off the ground by a sturdy wooden structure, with a hunting blind on top. This allows hunters to get a better viewing point and gets them out of the eye-line of the deer.


  • Better view, able to see further distances
  • Choose the height you want to be at
  • It puts you out of a deer’s line of sight
  • Shots are at downward angles, which is safer
  • Better build quality and materials


  • Harder to transport
  • Harder to setup
  • Steeper shot angles make kill zones smaller
  • Limited space
  • Higher risk of injury due to a fall
  • No protection from the wind
  • Expensive option


Overall, what hunting blind is the best entirely depends on what you are after. If you are looking for a blind that is easily transported and easy to set up, that doesn’t break the bank; ground blinds are probably best for you.

However, if you want a better view and a blind that takes you out of the eye line of the deer, box blinds the ones.

I know what you are thinking.

‘Now I have decided what blind I want. How do I know what the best blind ground/box blinds are?’

Don’t worry. I have researched, so you don’t have to:

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