Barronett Pulse Blind Review

Updated By HuntBlind Experts on February 19, 2023

Looking to purchase the Barronett Blind Pulse? Not sure if it is the blind for you?
Don’t worry I have you covered.

This article will give you everything you need to know before making your purchase include my own personal experience with the blind.

The Pulse was the second blind I ever purchased. To be brutally honest with you this was a passive buy as it was on offer and I can’t resist a good bargain.

But having bought this blind as a backup I was very surprised at how well it stood up against other competing hunting blinds.

It’s well made and sturdy, especially for the price

Included in your purchase you get:
The pop up blind
A heavy drawstring storage/carry bag
12 heavy wire stakes, a small carry bag for the stakes
4 tie cords each 5.5 ft long to tie the side hub eye bolts to the anchor stakes.

It is lightweight, compact and highly portable, and Its simple 5-hub
design sets up and takes down in seconds.

The blind is covered by durable, tightly woven, water-resistant fabric in BLOODTRAIL
Woodland camo design. There are 10 vertical windows surround the Pulse and are covered with camouflaged, shoot-through mesh.

This blind is a great beginner blind and there’s not a lot I can say bad about it.

64” tall at the center.
56” x 56” footprint.
70” across from hub to hub.
2-person capacity.
Weighs only 13 lbs for easy transportation.

However, this wouldn’t be a HuntBlind review if we left it there. For me being over 6ft, the ceiling is probably too low unless you are on a low stool, and that’s if your not hunting with a Bow.

But saying that this is overall an outstanding blind that I will continue to recommend to anyone on a slimmer budget. But don’t just take my word for it. Click the link below to see the latest price you can pick this bad boy up for.

Product Overview


  • Nice build quality
  • Lightweight and portable
  • Accommodate 2 people
  • Easy setup


  • Could be taller

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Hunting blind tips

As all other outdoor activities, there is a proper way of hunting in a hunting blind. And we have some great tips for you that will definitely improve your shots from a hunting blind. Combine this with the Barronett Pulse and you are in for a treat.

1. Place your hunting blind in the designated area at least 2 days prior to the hunting session. This will enable your blind to blend with the surroundings and all animals to get comfortable with it. So, now when you will move in to hunt, there is a higher chance of you grabbing the kill you desire.

2. Remember that it is crucial that you fit comfortably inside the blind with your firearms. This is important because you want to be the most comfortable while you hunt. If anything is bothering you while hunting, it can lead to a disastrous day with little to no good outcome. Luckily for you, Barronett Pulse has more than enough space inside.

3. Practice is very important. Hence, you should start practicing shots from the blind. Get well accustomed to hunting from a blind before heading into it. This will ensure a higher success rate every time you decide to hunt.


Can I use compound bow out of it?
You can use a compound bow from the blind. We recommend you using a low stool to sit on while you do it.

Can a heater be set up in it?
Yes, you can easily set up a heater inside to keep yourself warm and cozy.

How well does it blend with the surroundings?
It blends in just fine with surroundings. 2 days of set up is recommended before using it for hunting.


Barronett is well known for their products when it comes to hunting blinds. And their Pulse hunting blind is a great one for you to consider. Not only does it do a great job at keeping you hidden but also has sufficient area inside for comfortability. The build materials are great and will last you a good long while. It will last in moderate weather conditions just fine and is built with performance and functionality in mind.

You can expect a good hunting experience out of this one. So, grab your gear and get ready for a fun-filled hunting adventure waiting for you.