The Complete Guide to Bow Hunting from the Ground

Updated By HuntBlind Experts on January 20, 2021

Hunting from the Ground

There are several different ways through which we can hunt bucks when ground hunting.

Sometimes our styles differ from what we read online, and that is pretty normal.

I’ve had my successes from various different styles and techniques when deer hunting.

Whether I’m ground hunting deer with a bow, or sitting in my ground blind set up. I dip in and out of different ideas to get the best results depending on the environment I’m in.

I hear time and time again that most hunters prefer to hunt from an elevated position. It is possible either through a tree stand or a ladder. However, in areas where trees are short and far from each other, this can be a problem and line of sight ends up making most hunts damn difficult.

I always find that in these areas it is necessary to hunt from the ground. Rifle or bow hunting from the ground without a blind can be more challenging. So, it would be best if you use a blind while bow hunting deer from the ground.

However, this article will also provide information about how to hunt deer from the ground without a blind when using a bow.

How to hunt deer from the ground?

In the coming section, I’ll highlight the how-to’s to get the most out of your hunt when deer hunting from the ground.

If you’re impatient, like me, I’ll spare you the long read so you can get back to ground hunting sooner.

Set up in the best terrain – set up in hilly woodland or swamps that offer ditches and creeks. Even right across from food plots would work well. Placement is everything when you hunt from the ground.

Be still – find the right hunting blind chairs that let you sit comfy. Rustling round when waiting is the quick way to scare away does and bucks.

Hide perfectly – it may seem pretty explanatory, but I am always walking around seeing pre set up blinds that are brushed awfully, right in plain sight on the tree line. Don’t be afraid to grab a huge cedar wood branch to keep you out of sight.

There are some more tips that you need to follow for bowhunting whitetail deer from the ground without a blind.

But, let’s jump into that in the next steps.

Sit Facing the Deer and the Wind

Since the deer are sharp in sight and smell, they can easily detect you from far away. However, it is not usually being spotted that spooks deers, it’s most likely your natural human smell that the deer detects.

Therefore, if you are bow hunting from the ground without a blind, you should sit facing the wind to make sure the whole hunt stays pretty much scent free.

If the deer is upwind then, it would have a zero chance of detecting you. This way, you can easily hunt the deer once it is in range.

Another essential step for rifle or bow hunting is that many blinds come with odor suppressors.

This is really important to look for when buying your blinds.

These suppressors help in reducing the odor of anything inside the blind. As I mentioned above, it’s a pretty good idea to brush your blind. Not only for camo, but natural brushing can help disguise smells.

Also, over the years I’ve found that wearing rubber boots whilst hunting is almost a sure-fire way to eliminate smells since they don’t smell of new shoes which usually deters deer.

Control Your Movements

Once a deer notices you or your movements, the deer will not come back to the location.

It’s fair to say that deers are very prone to movement, and they can easily detect you while you are moving. Therefore, try to stay as quiet as possible.

If you are using ground blinds, then it is to your advantage since you have hidden movements.

Don’t start going in and out of the blind as you make think you’re being quiet, but lemme give you a heads up – you’re most likely not.

If you are cross bow hunting from a ground blind, try to keep the crossbow near you.

This way, you can quickly grab it once the deer is in sight without having to dive over your blind chair when the action starts.

Make a Deer Notice

Mind-blowing fact alert: A whitetail deer cannot see the whole color spectrum. It can see only green and blue ranges.

Therefore, for hunting whitetail from a ground blind, you can hang camouflage clothing on your ground blind. It would attract the deer towards you, and you can easily hunt them down.

However, if you are bowhunting from the ground without a blind, then you can wear a camouflage mask over your whole face.

This would allow the whitetail to see your face as an entire single block. So, as soon as it reaches near, you try to keep your weapon ready to aim and shoot.

Sit next to the open countryside

Whether you’re hunting whitetails from the ground without a blind, or sitting inside one try setting up next to an open field or an area with a lot of vegetation around. This way you can remain hidden from the deer while the deer grazes around the area, giving you plenty of ground to cover.

This method is not very applicable for archery hunting from a blind due to the distance you’ll need to cover.

However, rifle hunting from a ground blind can be beneficial in these situations. This is because you can effectively reflect once you see a deer and prey on your hunt without having to act before the whitetail vanishes.

You should be very careful to select the right kind of area to hunt your prey.

Sometimes, open field areas are best for hunting down deer. However, regions packed with trees are best for the job at times.

Keep your option flexible, scout the area before you set up, and find something perfect. Don’t set your hopes on your usual set up.

This is what keeps every hunt as active as possible for me.

Secure Yourself

It is also crucial that you secure yourself while you hunt from the ground.

Find a secure place for you, try to sit on a stool, and keep your weapon near you at all times.

Be mindful of the area around you since there can be an ambush from behind as well. Covering your back is the most overlooked aspect of camouflaging effectively.

An upward angle cover behind you can stop you from being spotted from the top of a valley or hill.

Pros and Cons of Hunting Deer from the Ground

The pros and cons of hunting deer from the ground in a blind are the following:


  • You can quickly get into your setup without being detected when hunting from ground level. Climbing trees and coming down from them can be challenging at times.
  • You cannot stay sitting on a tree branch for hours. However, you can stay on the ground for long hours. This technique increases your chances of tagging your prey.
  • It is fine for people who are afraid of heights.
  • You can have an increased movement while on the ground, and it becomes easy to lure your weapon around for some time.


  • It can be difficult detecting deer when hunting from the ground, while you can see hundreds of yards away from an elevated position
  • When hunting on the ground, you need an extra precaution of not being detected.
  • You have to use some hiding mechanism like a blind, which increases the effort of hunting down deer.
  • You need to find the right kind of terrain where the deer does not have many options to go away.

What is an important safety consideration when hunting from a ground blind?

Well, if you are using a blind when hunting from the ground, then try to secure your blind as much as possible. You can secure your blind by placing a paracord all around the blind’s circumference.

Additionally, always try to attach natural camouflage as vegetation and the leaves to the blind. This article covered all the aspects of how to hunt deer from the ground. We hope it will be helpful for those looking to hunt deer from the ground. Goodbye!