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Our Pick of the Best Layout Blinds


Banded Two-Man Layout Blind

double/2 man layout blind

Unlike most hunting blinds, this design is a two-person layout blind. It is great for father and son hunting adventures; you will have the most fun while using this blind. It comes with a heavy-duty 1200D & 600D reinforced floor and a padded head with a comfortable backrest. The interior has a roomy, single-flipped door and an extra-wide opening to enhance mobility. 

The easy-to-flip door allows effortless entry/exit from the foot of the blind. There is a zipper flagging door and a mesh viewing window to spot your prey if you love flagging. If you want optimum concealment, this design employs the lowest profile and tapered edges.


  • Use heavy-duty material 600D and 1200D
  • Comes with a mesh viewing window for flagging
  • Accommodates two hunters 
  • Padded head and backrest ensuring comfort.


  • The room is too big for one person.

Latest deal: Banded Two-Man Layout Blind


THUNDERBAY Bare Bones Layout Blind

Cheap Layout Blinds

For starters, Thunderbay has never stopped implementing the latest features in their innovative structures. This time they ushered a low profile blind in a sturdy aluminum/steel frame housed in a durable 600D polyester fabric built to deliver a firm structure that is reliable. It is a simple design that’s appropriate for any hunt-lover. 

Thunderbay is exceptionally lightweight, and the idea of shoulder traps has made this model easy to carry. Furthermore, it comes with adjustable, comfortable Textilene seats, which you can web the straps for a convenient sitting height. Get the easiest way to escort your hunting in style with this cheap blind designed to salvage you.


  • Lightweight and easy to use
  • Comfortable and adjustable seat
  • Affordable design
  • Sturdy material construction


  • Not enough space for two people

Latest deal: THUNDERBAY Bare Bones Layout Blind


Guide Gear Waterfowl Layout Hunting Blind

PVC layout Blind

Guide Gear Waterfowl Blind comes with a lightweight frame enhanced with a water-resistant camo shell that will keep you concealed from ducks and geese. It has a roomy interior offering lumbar support, a pop-open door, and a zippered flag port. This design also includes 100 stubble straps, which is a great addition to ensure you’ve blended with the environment. 

The 300-denier synthetic shell is durable, giving you a long-lasting performance. The design also boosts its water-resistant polyurethane coating that offers maximum protection. The reinforced corner stitching adds on durability. It is easy to set up with shoulder straps to allow easy carrying.


  • Water-resistant polyurethane coating
  • Reinforced corner stitching for extra durability
  • Sturdy steel frames 
  • Comes with 100 stubble straps


  • Quite weak straps

Latest deal: Guide Gear Waterfowl Layout Hunting Blind


ALPS OutdoorZ Zero-Gravity Layout Blind

Low price layout blinds

ALPS OutdoorZ is among the most comfortable laydown blind that does not require a complicated assembly. Setting up this unit is a one start operation. One thing you should keep in mind is the floorless design. In case you wanted a floor, you will need to acquire it as extra. Its capacity only offers space for one person with their hunting equipment. 

The design’s beauty is in the low profile suspension seat that gives it a zero-gravity effect, keeping you off the ground. The shoulder strap offers handsfree support, carrying the bag quickly and efficiently. It also gives you excellent concealment for your outdoors.


  • Floor-less design for easy cleanup
  • Sturdy straps
  • The low profile suspended seat keeps you off the ground.
  • Flared sides create a natural blend.


  • Does not come with a floor for those who want it as a priority

Latest deal: ALPS Delta waterfowl zero gravity


Flight Series Layout Blind

Tangle Free Layout Blind

If you’re looking for a tangle-free blind, then Flight Series has you covered. Flight Series is a pioneer of the Optifade camouflage layout by Tanglefree in the industry. It features 600D material inside and outside; however, the exterior camouflaged with 1200D material for a natural blend with the environment.  

This design comes with zippered flagging ports on top of the door and on the sides for both personal comfort and practical flaming placements. It has two interior shell pockets held by an aluminum frame for sturdy look and durability. The backpack straps let you carry the blind easily.


  • Features corrosion-resistant aluminum frames
  • Padded for comfort
  • Larger “no shadow” footprints layout
  • Easy to carry around thanks to its backpack straps


  • Only convenient for more than one person hunting

Latest deal: Flight Series Layout Blind


Avery Finisher Layout Blind

Youth Layout Blind

The Avery Finisher has an all-aluminum frame with a solid aluminum hinges design. It is sturdy thanks to its heavy-duty 900D top and 1800D bottom. Besides, it has eight rows of camo straps that make it easy for stumbling. 

The drop-down padded headrest gives it a comfortable appeal whenever you’re waiting for your prey. The six-height profile enables you to adjust the combinations to suit your needs.


  • Constructed from heavy-duty 900D & 1800D bottom
  • Comes with eight rows of camo straps
  • Made of an aluminum frame with solid aluminum hinges
  • Has six height profile combinations


  • It only serves one person at a time.

Latest deal: Avery Finisher Layout Blind


Guide Gear Waterfowl Layout Hunting Blind

If you want to stay comfortable and safely concealed, you need to look into this instant outfitted gear. Guide Gear is one of the best PVC layout blinds you will find out there, having a water-resistant camo shell to keep you concealed from waterfowls’ sight. It has a roomy interior with provided lumbar support, mesh doors, and a zippered flag port that opens in a flash. 

Furthermore, the mud-proof PVC bottom ensures no mud or water finding its way into your gear. It also makes use of the over 100 stubble straps that offer more room for local foliage. Lastly is the reinforced corner stitching that guarantees extra durability.


  • Mud-proof PVC bottom
  • Comes with a sturdy steel frame for durability
  • The mesh-covered double door open up in a flash
  • Has a durable 300D synthetic shell protection


  • It’s quite bulky

Latest deal: Guide Gear Waterfowl Layout Hunting Blind


Heavy Hauler FLP Layout Waterfowl Blind

Heavy Hauler FLP is a Waterfowl blind built to deliver outstanding results. It may be difficult finding such easy concealment for hunting by the ducks’ pond. It is a low profile hunting blind, and for the record, it comes with a nylon-coated mesh on the upper body to facilitate visibility and excellent concealment. 

The padded headrest gives you the comfort you deserve, and the adjustable backrest acts as a great addition while waiting for your prey. Also, the hook-and-loop hood closure and zippered back storage ensure excellent setup and performance in the field.


  • Plastic coated nylon mesh for excellent visibility
  • Adjustable backrest with a frame
  • Hook-and-loop hood closure
  • It has a padded headrest for maximum comfort


  • Not appropriate for woodland green camouflage since it’s a brown marsh

Latest deal: Heavy Hauler FLP Layout Waterfowl Blind


AVERY Field Khaki Power Hunter Blind

If you’re looking for something lightweight without sacrificing quality, AVERY Field Khaki Power Hunter Blind offers the most versatile features. Most waterfowl would prefer this brand, for it provides up to 360 degrees field of view thanks to the rear window and the camo mesh top. 

The arched flip-top gives room for free calling, while the 11 lb weight gives it a shallow profile. It also boasts of its seven rows of Camo Straps for stumbling, and thanks to the field khaki finish, that enables this design to blend with the environment with ease.


  • Has a field khaki finish 
  • Seven rows of camo strap ensure easy stumbling.
  • It is a big man layout blind
  • Light and versatile


  • Quite costly

Latest deal: AVERY Field Khaki Power Hunter Blind


Ameristep Duck Commander Landing Strip

The duck commander landing strip is a great blind if your a big guy. The slightly wider blind allows for a broader guy to hunt comfortably, with full-length padding. This Blind is very similar to the Cabela’s northern flight layout blind. However, with this blind being wider it narrowly knocks Cabela’s northern flight off of the tenth spot. 

The well-built aluminium structure is very stable, making for no durability issues. The one issue with this blind is it could do with a headrest upgrade. However, this is easily purchased as an addition if needs be. 


  • 600D polyester fabric
  • Full length padded seat and headrest
  • Heavy duty aluminum frame with steel joints
  • 6 profile settings


  • The headrest could be a bit better

Latest deal: Ameristep Duck Commander Landing Strip

Get in the know when looking for Best Layout Blinds

What to look for in a hunting blind

It may look easy, but planning a hunting trip needs you to make a lot of decisions. You need to choose a hunting place, gear to carry, and most importantly, choosing one of the best layout blind. There are essential qualities that are necessary to ensure the entire process is successful. 

Space – This factor relies on how many hunters will accompany you and the type of weapons you wish to use. If you need accommodation for two people, then buying a two-person layout blind will suit the purpose. Also, make sure there is extra room for your equipment. That way, you can have a comfortable hunt. 

Lightweight and portability – It is of great concern that you consider ease of mobility before acquiring any laydown blinds. Most of them are light and easily fold, which makes portability easily achievable. Aluminum and steel are standard frames, so you won’t need to worry about transporting the unit to the hunting area and back. It also encourages readjusting hunting areas due to the ease of portability. 

Camouflage – You cannot achieve the best hunting environment minus the best concealment. You must go unnoticed. There are several models to choose from, depending on the setting you want to go hunting. However, some patterns are crop-specific. You have to be careful to ensure what you pick matches the field planted with crops. Different crops have distinct coloration. 

Durability – Be careful when choosing the nature of the material for your PVC blind. Remember, you will partially bury it, and therefore, a thick and durable material will enable it to withstand the harsh environments. It is essential to consider how long you want to serve and compare the speculated long-run cost instead.

Cover – It is pretty evident that hunting is a waiting game, and definitely, you’ll be spending hours waiting to catch your target. Therefore, you will need your blind to give you a comfortable waiting environment. It only comes by when you select great material over cheap blinds to guarantee you that. 

How to carry out the perfect setup

Yard Work – Yes, you spent a couple of hundred bucks to get a spanking-new layout, but coating the entire thing is the main deal. Gather natural covers like grasses, stalks, and crop stubble to complement your hiding effectively. Make sure the outside matches the surroundings and is in good loads. Exposing your blind will spoil your hunting. 

Dig in – You have to dig down the dirt below to lay down your blind. If it’s not your yard, you may need to request permission from the landowner. It is important to note that geese and ducks have the habit of picking out layout blinds whenever they see a heightened profile. It mostly happens when the rest of the area is flat, in contrast to the row of bumps where you installed your hunting blind. Sink your layout blind lower as recommended. 

Mud up or Spray Paint – Suppose the landowner accepts your request to dig up the place, use black spray paint on your blind. But, make sure the paint nearly matches the mud color. Smear mud over your chosen blind to enhance the blending. It might be a permanent solution so that it won’t be fit for snow-covered areas. 

How to camouflage your blind perfectly

Concealment is of the most important factors when it comes to blending with the environment you’re hunting. To be more specific, choose a pattern that will suit the habitat, whether it’s one place or more than one area of use if you so wish. 

Since your laydown blind needs to be below the surface, you need to consider the terrain. Try to look for dips or rises. In this way, your layout blind won’t leave any trace of a surge on the surface level; it will feel out of place, and some birds get spooked by it. 

You can tear up natural vegetation and pack onto your blind to completely match with the surrounding vegetation. This idea will make it more realistic.

Frequently asked Questions

How much stealth grass do you use for a layout blind?
Well, there is no restriction to looking for the thickest cover you can find, but the main idea is to be unseen. Overhead covers are essential just as shadows cast by nearby trees. If the nearby materials are light like the Mossy Oak die-cut, you can make a suitable cover-up. 

You need to develop that snipper mindset to avoid moving until it’s necessary. Besides, you need to avoid shiny tools, for they might scare your prey away. Make sure you carry with you items that blend into nature. 

How do you shoot from a layout blind?
First off, practice consistently. Rehearsals impact your improving skills; you can try aiming at clay objects to improve your shot accuracy from time to time. 

Strategic positioning is a lot to do with increasing your rotating circle. If you position your hunting layout blind in a manner to maximize your shots, it is the best idea. 

Make sure you dig 4 to 6 inches deep if you’re a big hunter. From the experts’ view, it is somewhat difficult to bring yourself up when the space dug isn’t enough to maintain you in the upright position. 

Lastly, be patient but flexible. It is the easiest way to increase your shooting chances. Also, be prepared about any changing situations, and the birds fail to come. 

How do you make a layout blind waterproof?
The most important thing to consider when buying your layout blind is the nature of the fabric. The material should withstand severe environmental conditions while in the woods. Most people do not check for waterproof materials, sad! If you happen to check out a waterproof layout blind, you’re good to go, but of course, there are other ways to make yours even better if waterproofing is not on the list. 

Buy a neotub, a neoprene cover to place it on the bottom, or buy some backrest out of conduit or wood to prevent taking in water. You can use fiberglass with wood when installing your layout blind cover so you won’t need to pack it each time you’re hunting. 

How to get out of layout blind?
Most layout blinds come with a door, an opening designed for you to make your shot. Ensure the type of laydown blind you purchased doesn’t get stuck when you’re about to make your aim. Your door should open smoothly and quietly and also be large enough to facilitate your coming out. 

Some designs have mesh windows that make it easy for you to peep or call out if you’re not out in the fields alone. Those of you who utilize a lot of flagging, ensure you choose a design that will give room for that.


How we choose the best layout blinds 

Searching for the best layout blind in the online market is never as easy as counting 1,2,3. It has been characterized by the massive range of varying designs that make your decision hard to come by. But worry less about this is your last search resort. 

The most common factor to consider is size. Manufacturers have done their part, making sure no one misses a hunting layout blind in the market. Whether it’s a 2 person layout blind or a single-man blind, be sure to pick the right size to suit your physique. 

Portability and storage is also a considerable concern when acquiring your suitable laydown blind. Not unless you want to mount it and leave it there forever, you will need a low profile layout blind that is light and portable

If you’re hunting in wet climates, finding a waterproof layout blind should be your first check-out concern. The market offers several waterproof designs to suit your choice. Remember, waterproofness varies from still waters to completely waterproof. 

Lastly, we considered camouflage patterns.

Layout blinds vary in color and camouflage patterns. You know the nature of the environment you want to use it on. Make sure they blend, both in color and print, with your hunting spot.


Layout blinds have advanced and this guarantees an upgrade to your hunting expeditions. Why settle for less when you can choose from the best layout blinds built to serve? Our list has captured top notch products available in the market. They come with different camouflage patterns depending on the environment you want to match.