Does a Heater Scare Deer Away

Updated By HuntBlind Experts on January 20, 2021

This is a question that gets thrown around quite a lot and no one really knows the answer. 

The quick answer is it depends and here’s why…

Factors to Consider

Whereabouts you are hunting – Fuel is produced if you are hunting with a propane heater and that gives off a scent. But are the deers bothered. If you are hunting in a more rural area they will be more used to the smell of petrol and therefore less bothered by the scent as its more common.

However, in an area that is less rural with no forms of transport interfering with the deer, it is likely they will notice the smell and therefore react accordingly.

Wind – the wind plays a factor if the scent is blown toward the deer’s direction, they are going to pick up on it. However, they may not react due to the reasons listed above.

The heater itself – All heaters are different. In order to be noticed less by the deer the better the heater the less likely, they are to react. I have actually created a guide on some of the best heaters for hunting. That takes into consideration effect on the deer as well as many other factors such as safety and portability. Feel free to check that guide out here


I’m sorry this article hasn’t given you a definitive answer. But it really does depend. In my experience, the deers don’t seem to notice but there are plenty of people that have experienced the complete opposite. 

The best advice I can give you is to observe the deer and see for yourself. Take into consideration where they have been when the heater is turned off and if they react differently.