Rhino 200 Blind Review

Updated By HuntBlind Experts on February 19, 2023

Are you a first-timer hunter or an avid hunter? I’m here to let you know my experience with the Rhino 200 blind and provide you with a full review to make sure this is the blind for you.

Rhino Blind is the number one ground blind in the industry. With a blind for almost every situation and terrain.

In my opinion, this is a great ‘all-round’ blind that suits any type of hunter. I often switch from bow to gun hunting and this blind is a perfect fit for both.

The 3 person blind has a zipless entry, ideal as you will avoid scaring off the game with noisy velcro or zippers. The 4 sided blind also has shoot through mesh so you will never miss an opportunity.

One of my favourite features is the brush hoops. The brush hoops frame the blind allowing you to tuck in items to better help you camouflage into the surroundings. If you are looking at ways to better brush in a ground blind, we have an article telling you how to do so here.

The build quality is durable with a 5 hub design for maximum strength. This will allow your blind to last for many seasons to come.

One of the common questions I get about this hunting blind is how to setup rhino 200 ground Blind? This is obviously an important aspect as you want a blind that is easy to set up so you can start hunting sooner. Opening the Rhino Blind is a very simple process and folding it up is just as simple. Here is a video showing you exactly how easy it is

The tough build can withstand many weather conditions without any problem. The blind is also water repellent and anti-microbial which means no mold will grow over it.

Overall, this product is pretty perfect if you are looking for a versatile blind that won’t break the bank.

Dimensions 75” x 75” Hub to Hub
Center Height Approx. 66”
Floor Space 58” x 58”
Weight Approx. 18.6 lbs.

Product Overview


  • Great build quality
  • Easy to brush in
  • Water repellent and anti-microbial
  • Zipless entry


  • The fabric could be slightly thicker

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Why should I buy a Rhino Blind?

Quality – They have the thickest fade-resistant fabric on the market. Rhino blinds are built to last, a lot of the competition reviews are based on the longevity of the blind and this blind is still standing strong for the 3 years I have been using it.

Height: Blinds are large enough to stand in and allow you to easily shoot a bow

Light: It’s important for the blind to be light enough to carry and transport because you never know how long it will take you to find that prime hunting spot. Rhino Blinds a light enough to carry for miles.

Budget: What every your size or budget Rhino has a blind for you. Click here to view their full collection.


Rhino blind 200 vs 300?
Both blinds carry similar features and it’s often hard to tell them apart. They are both a 4 sided, 3 person ground blinds, so what’s the difference? The main difference is the 300 sits 12” taller than the 200 allowing you that extra room to stand up. If you would class yourself as a tall hunter I would recommend looking into the Rhino blind 300.

The benefit of buying the 200 over the 300 is the 200 is lighter so you can save you back the strain of carrying a heavy blind. However, they both come in at around the same price so it depends on what you value more the weight of the blind or the height of the blind.

Does the material hold up well?
The material is well built and will hold up just fine in almost all conditions. If you want to make sure it stays that way, and to satisfy yourself, you can spray it with Kiwi camp dry.

Will mechanical broadheads deploy if shot through the screen?
Yes, they will. So, do not use the mesh if you are shooting mechanicals. It will not shoot the same as you have tuned your bow to do so. You also don’t need the mesh as you can wear black or dark clothing and you will be just fine.


Today we took a look at one of the best hunting blinds you will find online. Rhino is known for making great blinds and this one was no exception. You had great build quality and features like weather resistance and anti-microbial qualities. You will also find a lot of space inside, enough to accommodate 3 people. The height is also great.

If you are a professional hunter and want something that makes you look sleek and clean while staying low-profile then going with Rhino Blind R200-MOC will be a great choice for you.