How To Keep Your Feet Warm While Hunting

Updated By HuntBlind Experts on January 20, 2021


If your anything thing like me you cannot resist hunting in cold weather late into the season. This, however, is only enjoyable if you’re able to maintain warm during your hunt. The main issue is cold feet. Moisture from the ground making your feet unbearably cold, causing you to close shop early and go home, potentially missing out.

There’s no need to panic though…

Here are my top tips on how to keep your feet warm whilst hunting.

First things First

Properly fitting boots and socks – Boots and socks that are too lose allow for moisture to get in and be absorbed. Causing for cold feet. Additionally, boots and socks that are too tight are often the cause of cold feet.

If your feet are too compressed by your socks, that they are unable to wiggle. This can stop the circulation of your feet. meaning blood isn’t pumping around not allowing your feet to warm up.

If your toes have wiggle room this allows your toes to move, pump around blood therefor warm up quicker.

If this is this case I would suggest getting your feet measured (which you can do in most hunting shops, that sells boots.) This will stop you from buying ill-fitting boots. Alternatively, it might be worth loosening your laces. or wearing less restricting socks.

My personal tips

Double up – On the cold days, I would always double up and wear two pairs of socks. An inner layer of thin, moisture-wicking socks and an outer layer of thick, insulating wool socks. This is, of course, providing if you have correct fitting boots, as you do not want to cut off the circulation to your feet as mentioned above.  

Avoid wearing cotton – This goes for any clothing when hunting in cold weather. Unlike polypropylene, cotton absorbs moisture instead of wicking moisture away. 

Bring spares – I would always recommend over packing socks. Why? Because everyone’s feet get sweaty being in boots all day. Having a spare pair of socks to get changed into is always a good idea as you are removing the sweat absorbed sock and replacing it with a dry one.  

Additional heat sources

If you tend to have poor circulation or generally just get very cold when hunting. There are lots of alternative products available on the market that could help. Disposable heat packs are often used when hunting to keep your feet warm.  However, personally, I avoided them, as they make my feet so sweaty. Which causes more issue than it’s worth. 

I have always found that heating your feet up alone doesn’t always work. I believe it is better to increase the whole bodies temperature and your feet will follow suit. This allows for less sweat in your boots.

One of the ways I like to do this is by bringing along a heater to heat up my hunting blind. I have created a guide outlining the best hunting blind heaters here if you want to check it out: The Best Hunting Blind Heaters On The Market 

Alternatively, a much cheaper way to achieve this is by having hot drinks throughout the day to keep me warm.  

To Conclude

Overall, I believe if you follow a few of these tips, your hunting experience in the cold will be a lot more enjoyable. And you just might be able to stay out there long enough to get that worldie of a shot.