Barronett Pentagon Review

Updated By HuntBlind Experts on February 19, 2023
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Barronett in a known brand when it comes to ground blinds and rightfully so. We will look at one of the bigger models of the blinds they create ‘The Pentagon’. This blind is arguably my favourite out of Barronett’s collection, keep reading and you will find out everything you need to know before purchasing the Barronett Pentagon

My experience with hunting blinds is ‘Bigger is better’ and once you hunt from the Pentagon, you’ll never want to settle for anything smaller.

Big blinds give you the ability to stand and stretch after patiently waiting for hours. They also allow you the option to shoot while standing, especially important with archery equipment

This blind has been modified in a way that will not only increase your hunting ability but better your results. Barronett Blinds incorporate large, unobstructed windows for better views of your surroundings.

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There are so many features on this blind that are just love. Barronnetts attention to detail is impeccable. They have even taken into the consideration the sound made by the zip and incorporated noise free windows so you won’t scare off game with noisy zippers or velcro.

The build quality is next level, using much stronger components then other competitors, this includes all-metal hubs and solid fiberglass poles. This ensures a stronger structure and many years of reliability

Here are some of the Pentagon features:
Fits 4 people
72” tall
91” x 91” footprint (second biggest Barronett blind to The Beast)
96” x 96” Elbowroom
20lb in weight
9 trapezoid windows
2 peek windows
5 sides

Setup is as simple as pull it out of the bag, pop out each hub and start hunting.

All blinds come with an over-sized duffel bag with backpack straps that makes it easy to carry to your spot. Considering the size of the blind the weight is not an issue only weighing 20lb.

Product Overview


  • Better Views
  • Noise-Free Windows
  • Stronger Components
  • Easy Transportation


  • Opening could be slightly bigger

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What to look for in a hunting blind?

Quality – The quality should always be a factor to consider when buying any blind. Hunting blind often aren’t cheap so you what one with a long life span that can last more than one season of hunting. When buying a hunting blind I always look for strong components and good materials. The Pentagon build quality is high with all-metal hubs and solid fibreglass poles.

Space – When looking for a blind you obviously want to keep in mind who you are planning on hunting with. If you are planning on hunting with 2-4 people the Pentagon is a good fit for your needs. If you are looking for something bigger there are plenty of other options on the market for example the Beast.

I personally think the size of the blind doesn’t affect your camouflage too much. You don’t want to stick out like a sour thumb but at the same time, you want space in the blind for all your equipment and room to move as you are likely going to be hunting for a long time.

Weather Resistance – I have been hunting in all kinds of weather, and if your anything like me the weather doesn’t tend to stop me. I will always look for the best material blinds to keep my dry.

Peepholes – Every hunting blind has peepholes you can use to see and hunt through. They should not be too big that they reveal your identity, but also not too small that you have a hard time moving your gun around.

Transportation – This is going to be up there with the most important feature. This is because I never know how long it’s going to take to find that perfect spot. Lugging around all the equipment is going to put some strain on your back. So, having a light blind that comes in a handy travel bag is that one less you have to worry about.


Can I shoot through the mesh with my compound bow?
Yes. And you can even replace it if it becomes too worn out. Don’t shoot a riffle through it though as it will burn the mesh.

Will it withstand harsh weather?
This blind will easily see you through a long time of being used in the harshest of conditions.

Can you use the blind in on open field?
You can use the blind in an open field. Set it up and give it some time to blend in and it will be good to go.


Today we looked at one of the best hunting blinds you will find online.

Barronett Pentagon is a great hunting blind that has a panoramic view that allows you to see everywhere while being inside. It covers you well, so you do not become known to your prey. The peep holes are nice and have enough space for your gun to move around. The build quality is great and the space inside is more than sufficient.

So, if you choose to go with this one, you will have an amazing time.