Banks Blind Review

Updated By HuntBlind Experts on February 19, 2023

If you are like me, having a post for hunting just makes my hunts 100x more convenient. Having a base to go back to when out on the field allows me to know that I’ve got everything I need within walking distance.

Some of my favorite spots are a million kilometers away from anything and everything, so the Banks Stump Elevated Blind can be used for multiple purposes on my hunts.

I’ve hunted for a little over 7 years now and since finding the Banks Deer Blind, I’ve always wanted to show it off to anyone that feels they are missing something on their hunts.

A multi-purpose hunting blind is everything a hunter could ask for. A doubled up base and hunting blind makes all my hunts far more active.

And that is exactly what this product will provide.

The Banks Stump is a great hunting blind that operates at an elevated level both literally and figuratively.

You will love the different but unique experience you get out of this one.

Whilst putting up well over time, I’ve used this as a semi permanent blind for a whole season and needless to say, It’s still in brand-spanking-new condition.

You get a 360-degree view from the blind as well, which allows you to hunt from all angles leading me to get the best shots time after time.

The windows also have a feature where they open silently, seal tight and keep scent contained and these allow you to hunt more efficiently and in a better way. Far too many times I’ve used permanent hunting blinds with clanky windows that spook deer’s and doe’s in an instant.

The blind is posted up at a height by using weathered wood. The build quality is amazing as the blind is made from UV stabilized polythene construction that allows it to remain safe from UV radiation

The heavy-duty steel base plate for easy and secure mounting is crucial as it makes for a solid floor and gives you great grip. Overall, this one is a great option for you to consider.

Product Overview


  • Great build quality
  • Good height
  • Wooden legs
  • UV radiated polythene walls


  • Could have more color options

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Benefits of an elevated hunting blind

All hunting blinds have certain benefits like making you hidden from the environment and allowing you to see in all directions at the same time. It helps you get as close to your prey as you possibly can without blowing your cover. There are, however, certain advantages to elevated hunting blinds.

Makes you less visible – We know all hunting blinds serve the purpose of hiding you, but elevated blinds make you go more inconspicuous because you are elevated which means you are out of the line of sight of many animals.

Remains in place – Elevated hunting blinds are permanent structures unlike the normal ones that can move. So, an elevated hunting blind will provide you with more grip and less movement while hunting.

Safety at height – The stands used as blinds in many elevated hunting blinds are structurally safe and sound. They are also great for when you are in a situation where you cannot find safe trees to hunt from.

Masks your scent – The shielded walls of the blind help mask your scent but when you are at an elevated level, the wind will also carry the scent at a level that is above the noses of most animals. So, you will become less easy to spot.

Extended range of sight – This one is obvious as whenever you are at a height, you can see more of the land you are hunting on. Combine this with a nice scope and you can become one of the most lethal hunters easily.


Is this item durable?
The wood and UV radiated polythene walls make for a safe and strong hunting experience. So, you do not have to worry about durability.

Is the item easy to use?
You can set it up in little to no time.

Does it have 360-degree viewing?
With Banks Stump, you can view in all directions easily without compromising your cover.


Banks Stump has proven its worth to us again and again with how durable and well made their elevated hunting blind is. You can easily hunt at a raised platform which gives you certain key advantages over other hunters as well. This blind has solid wooden legs and polythene walls that are UV radiated. You will not be disappointed in the durability and overall, you will have an amazing experience with hunting in this one.